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How it Works

Complete the appropriate continuing education package from to become eligible for the IRS Annual Filing Season Program Record of Completion. Grading of final exams is instantaneous and completion certificates are available in your account immediately after passing each exam. Course materials are provided as PDF files that can be downloaded immediately after purchase.

  1. Determine if you need to take the 6-hour AFTR course. See Am I Exempt?
  2. Purchase the appropriate continuing education package
  3. Download PDF study materials from your My Account page
  4. Take the multiple-choice, online exam for each course
  5. Receive your Completion Certificate immediately with a score of 70% or better
  6. will report your credits to the IRS
  7. The IRS will contact you with more information about the AFSP program

Final Exam Information: Each course in the package will have a final exam and require a passing score of 70% to receive credit. The exam for the 6-hour AFTR course is 100 questions and has a time limit of 3 hours. Exams for all other courses will have 5 questions per credit hour (i.e. 2-hour Ethics exam has 10 questions) and no time limit.